SimpleMailerMaxx is a ground-breaking custom-coded mailer script that utilizes a proprietary system that we’ve developed called Email Client Sending. This amazing feature gives your members the ability to send their mailings from ANY email client, both web or software-based!

No longer will they have to waste time logging into a website to send their mailing, they can send directly from their favorite email client.

This is not just your average mailer script. It is a highly advanced, fully mobile compatible, responsive, and a very unique system that lets your members build their business with a powerful email advertising system.

This technology is like nothing that is out there in the market today. This is the future of email advertising!

The license you are able to purchase is a full license, no additional upgrades are currently available at this time.


Feature packed interface

Full financial breakdowns

Complete mailing control


Members send mails from their favorite mail client. No longer do they have to waste time logging into a website to send their mailings.

No more wasting time inputting credits in to send their mailings like other websites. It’s all done for them simply and automatically.

Members can earn 10% up to 50% commission or whatever the admin of the site sets up.

5 Incredible membership levels to choose from: Choose free, monthly or save on purchasing a yearly membership.

Members can create banner ads based on their membership level and apply the credits they have accumulated to run them automatically.

Members earn credits for clicking on banner ads: Now member banner ads are even more effective.

Members can login to their account, setup their ads and the system will automatically send out their emails for them. When they want to run new ads, all they have to do is submit a new one from their mail client.

SimpleMailerMaxx is 100% mobile friendly. It has been meticulously designed to perform as fluid as possible and works with every mobile phone, tablet and browser type.

SimpleMailerMaxx uses a proprietary system that we've developed called Email Client Sending. This simply means that members no longer have to send mails from a website, they can send via their favorite mail client.

The ability to setup base cost of solo ads and incremental costs based on the amount of members that their site attains overtime. So the price of the solo goes up as the membership does if they want this option.

Ability to setup price for a onetime cost for a perpetual solo that a member of the site receives as a daily solo ad that goes out for the life of their account.

Setup Stripe and Payza Integration (Stripe account is required to accept payments) API integration of Stripe and Payza (Payza can be setup for automatic withdrawal of commissions).

Change the frequency and mailing limits that each membership level requires for mail sending.

Setup monthly cost subscriptions for recurring income. Setup yearly onetime cost. The system will tell the member when their upgrade will expire and give them a link to renew their upgrade at current price.

This system allows you to enable or disable mails within the system of free and paid mails. This is generally used as a precaution if your server was ever hacked and you needed to stop the mails from going out to members.

View and respond to member support tickets with this built-in support system.

This is only a small selection of the features included in SimpleMailerMaxx. If you would like more details, please contact our team and we would be happy to talk you through it all!


Server Requirements

As with all software, to ensure correct setup and operation, SimpleMailerMaxx has minimum server requirements which must be met. Please ensure you read all server requirements carefully. Do not worry if you do not match some of these requirements, our technical team can help!

You can also download our handy server checker script. Just unzip the file into the root directory of your web server and open your website in a web browser to run the checker. If you get all greens, you're good to go! Click here to download the checker.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A dedicated server (No VPS or shared hosting solutions are supported)
  • A web based server control panel (e.g. cPanel/WHM)
  • Root SSH access to the server
  • PHP 5.5.9 (or higher)
  • PHP Extension: openssl
  • PHP Extension: PDO
  • PHP Extension: pdo_mysql
  • PHP Extension: mbstring
  • PHP Extension: tokenizer
  • PHP Extension: ionCube Loader
  • At least one registered domain name which is configured on the server
  • A static IP address for each domain
  • An SSL certificate for each domain (All BTC scripts require SSL to be configured)
  • A continuous and stable connection to the Internet for licensing
  • Stripe account (All BTC scripts require Stripe accounts for member subscriptions and payment processing, get one at

Recommended Requirements:

  • Payza account as a secondary payment processor

You will be asked to confirm that your server meets the server requirements during the checkout process.


Purchasing Options

SimpleMailerMaxx can be purchased under a lifetime license, or on a monthly subscription license. Select your type using the buttons below.

Lifetime Licenses From:

Monthly Subscription Licenses From:

Professional Installation:

This product will be released very soon. Please check back later.


Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in USD and include all taxes where applicable.