BrainTrilogy Coding (BTC) creates powerful, innovative PHP based-web applications that are 100% custom-coded and not available anywhere else.

They are unique, highly innovative and built on versatile responsive templates. BTC uses a live license system. You can purchase single or multiple licenses, or you can lease a license without being locked into a contract.

Each script is tried, tested and created to meet the standards of today before it becomes available in our marketplace. Once inside our marketplace, you are able to purchase any of our scripts which includes professional installation to ensure that your script is setup the way that it was designed to and to allow you to get the best experience that you possibly can.

We have a fantastic range of products available, from the very simple to use "SimpleMailerMaxx" to the robust and feature rich "RevShareMaxx". Moving forward we are in the process of creating many various types of scripts that will enable you to generate income from. They are member-based scripts that give you as much control that you need. A list of the various types scripts that we are in the process of building are as follows:

Revshare Script

Safelist Script

Viral Mailer Script

PTC Script

1up/2up Script

Matrix Script

Tracking Script

Multiple Funnel Script

Start Page Script

Exit Script

Viral Bar Script

Autoresponder Script

Instant Commission Script

Blogging Script

YouTube Script

But here is the best part, if we don't have what you're looking for, just ask! We are always happy to provide PHP scripts and applications to suit any purpose!

All software is considered full version, but there may be upgrades within the scripts that you can purchase if you choose not to purchase a full license. There are some scripts that we offer that do not have feature upgrades in which case you will have the full license of that product upon purchase.

All scripts are professionally installed and come with 30 days of full support. If you need any further support, there are other options to choose from.



SimpleMailerMaxx is a ground-breaking custom-coded mailer script that utilizes a proprietary system that we’ve developed called Email Client Sending. This amazing feature gives your members the ability to send their mailings from ANY email client, both web or software-based!

No longer will they have to waste time logging into a website to send their mailing, they can send directly from their favorite email client.


We do not want to release to many details about this project, but as the name suggests, we are currently developing a fully customizable revenue sharing platform. Keep an eye on this page for more updates as they become available!